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Eli Research India Private Limited
Eli Research India is part of the Eli Global group of companies. Eli Global was founded in 1991 by Greg Lindberg in New Haven, CT and has grown rapidly through acquisitions and organic growth. Today, Eli Global companies employ over 1,500 professionals working from over 14 offices worldwide.
Escorts Limited
From breaking fresh ground for Indian Infrastructure to nurturing the earth with harvests of prosperity - From mobilizing the economy on the rail-tracks of progress to being its driving force on the highways of the nation - We at Escorts are transforming lives, with the power of technology and imagination.
Franchise India Brands Ltd
Asia's largest integrated Franchise and Retail Solution Company since 1999, with an absolute authority on Franchising, Retailing and Licensing.
Franchise India Holdings LTD
Franchise India Holdings Limited is Asia's largest integrated franchise solution company since 1999, and an absolute authority on franchising and licensing.
Ginger Webs
Ginger Webs is a leading technology company in assessment and testing industry.
Honda Cars India Limited
Soichiro Honda (1906-1991), the founder of Honda Motor Company was a maverick whose gave the world best technological advancements under the most pressing constraints.
Kisan Gym is an exclusive platform for organic farming in India, we are supporting and guiding farmers for organic farming.
Om Sweets & Snacks
Familiar sweets from across the whole of India served from behind a counter at a chain outlet.
Orange Mantra
We envisaged to commend the web plans and deploy technologies to build brands over the Internet. We took initiative in 2001 and started our Web Design and Development services and named our advent as Orange Mantra, where the hue “Orange ” stands for innovativeness and Mantra for “The Magic “.
Uclean Laundry Services
At UClean, we are building India's first organized chain of laundry and home cleaning stores, focused on fostering the DIY (Do It Yourself) culture. With technology at the heart of the brand, UClean also enables the time crunched customers to avail pick-n- drop service from the comforts of their home or office.