Who we are?

WebGreedy Technologies launched web portal uttamUP.com on January 2013. Our team members collect and compile the quality information about Uttar Pradesh and to make it available online.

Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest states in India. Accounting for 7.3 percent of the country’s area, it is home to 16.5 percent of Indians. The state contributes 12.6 percent to India’s GDP.

A series of recent policy initiatives and focus on infrastructure development, supported by availability of skilled manpower, good resource base and a large consumer market all makes Uttar Pradesh an attractive investment destination.

Advantage Uttar Pradesh:

  • New policy initiatives creating favourable policy environment. These include the New Infrastructure & Industrial Investment Policy 2012, In addition, new policies such as Biotech Policy, Food Processing Policy, Solar Policy and Sugar Policy are expected to be announced shortly
  • Robust industrial infrastructure including theme parks, export parks & SEZs
  • 57 percent of eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor and 7 percent of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor will pass through the state
  • Focus on improving connectivity further through mega road projects, in PPP, such as Yamuna Expressway, connecting Noida with Agra
  • Abundant agro resource base. Leading producer of wheat, sugarcane and potato, ranks second in vegetable production and third in fruit production, amongst all Indian states
  • Longest network of rivers and canals measuring 31,200 km
  • Huge market potential owning to a large domestic consumer base