Knowledge will give you power, but character respect


A simple but often forgotten rule – Respect is commanded, not demanded.

It may not come with designation or status but may come from something as basic as having integrity, or maybe by just being courteous.  Unfortunate that most people forget this as they rise up the ranks.

It is the attitude of person who is giving the respect and not the person at receiving end who might have the knowledge and character or not.

Power and knowledge are temporary hardly has ability to evaporate respect from others heart.

What will you do when you get a message from a college undergrad aiming for the position of the Co-founder of your 3-year startup for me which is Actiwate

Still, consider the applicant?

Yes, absolutely. Why not

Now, if tell you that the last position of the same guy was as an android intern in a similar organization?

Mindfreeze moment.

This is one of the side-effects of the startup ecosystem that it has given this level of audacity to these graduates to ask for everything before evaluating themselves or even read the job description.

There are so many opportunities out there even if one goes in the drain then what, we move on to the next.


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