A few groups of farmers who are not happy with the core committee’s decision to take back the strike on Saturday called for a Maharashtra bandh on Monday. However, the response to the bandh has been lukewarm.

The response in areas like Nashik and some parts of Ahmednagar is very good as it is now the nerve centre of the strike. However, areas like Pune, Kolhapur, Solapur which were ahead in the farmers’ strike, the response to the strike has been moderate.

“We were forced to strike as the chief minister couldn’t assure us that a loan waiver will be implemented quickly,” said farmers’ leader Dhanjay Jadhav, who met Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and other state representatives on Tuesday.

“We will continue to strike until our demands of loan waiver and remunerative prices for agriculture produce are met. Instead of sending vegetables and milk to the cities, we will dispose of them in our villages,” Jadhav said.

The agriculture produce marketing committee in Solapur remained opened. The farmers themselves were seen getting their produce to the committee for auction. About 450 trucks carrying vegetables arrived in Navi Mumbai market, as opposed to around 1000 trucks on normal business days. It is the biggest market from where vegetables are supplied to Mumbai.

No place for kisan

After Tamil Nadu saw the worst spell of northeast monsoon in 140 years last year, followed by the tussle over River Cauvery’s water are the demonetisation drive, farmers in the state came to Delhi to seek an intervention from PM Nerendra Modi.